Art & Photography

Having been an artist since chlidhood, Marcos still enjoys creating original art. His inspiration comes from surrealism, expressionism, existential and spiritual philosophy, his own dreams and casual observations of life.

He enjoys exploring his surroundings near home and far away on travels with his camera.

Sahitra (2013) - acrylic on canvas
A Morning Greeting (2013)
Tulum Ruins (2013)
Transfusing the Wish (2010), acrylic on canvas
Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh (2010)
A Sort of Green Fantasy (2010)
Millenium Bridge, London (2010)
Captain of the Circuits (2009), acrylic on canvas
Surrender (2008)
Going West (2008)
Clear the Circus Smoke (2006), pencil and charcoal on paper
...Signal Receiver? (2004), mixed media on paper
Nocturne's Flow (2002), acrylic on paper
Natalie (2000), pencil and charcoal on paper
In Memory of Gravity (2000), mixed media on paper